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Solutions designed to empower individuals, businesses, and communities.

Meridian Creative Solutions understands the potential for technology to transform lives and create a brighter future. Our Showcase highlights transformative products designed to solve pressing challenges and empower individuals, organizations, and communities.

Discover solutions that enhance education, promote sustainability, and streamline tour operations. Let our solutions inspire you to envision new possibilities for creating positive change.


A revolutionary platform empowering small and medium-sized tour operators to streamline their operations, optimize customer experiences, and drive business growth. With its integrated CRM, itinerary builder, and communication tools, Explor provides a comprehensive solution for managing every aspect of your tour business.

Efficient Itinerary Creation

Build detailed and visually appealing itineraries with intuitive drag-and-drop tools and pre-set templates.

Seamless Customer Mgmt.

Centralize client information, track inquiries, and personalize communication throughout.

Real-Time Collaboration

Seamlessly communicate and coordinate with your team on any lead or project, at any stage or on any task.

Paragon Easy English

Easy English is an innovative learning application designed to bridge the gap in accessible English education in Sri Lanka, and other similar geographies in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Inspired by proven phonics-based methodologies, Easy English fosters confidence and empowers young learners with the foundations for a brighter future. This product is a result of a successful donor-funded collaborative pilot program reaching over 150 schools in Sri Lanka.

Phonics-Based Learning

Interactive learning experiences teach the fundamentals of language decoding, building a strong foundation.

Gamified Experiences

Engaging activities make learning fun and rewarding, fostering enthusiasm and improving retention.

Culturally Relevant

Content and examples are tailored to geographical context, ensuring relevance and relatability for learners.

SALLX Clean Carers

SALLX tackles urban waste with a community-driven solution. The SALLX platform connects residents, businesses, and municipalities to dedicated ‘clean carers’ who ensure responsible waste disposal. This technology-enabled approach promotes environmental responsibility, fosters community engagement, and creates opportunities for the unemployed.

Efficient Waste Mgmt.

Streamlined waste collection and sorting processes optimize resource usage and reduce landfill contributions.

Community Empowerment

Creates local jobs while fostering and promoting sustainable and responsible environmental practices.

Data-Driven Insights

Provides insights into waste patterns and behaviors, informing sustainable urban planning initiatives.

Travel & Tourism

Helping tour operators, travel agencies, and hospitality providers deliver seamless customer experiences, and drive scalability and business growth.


Empowering students, educators & institutions with innovative learning tools that foster curiosity, build confidence, and unlock their full potential.

Non-Profits & NGOs

Supporting mission-driven organizations to optimize operations, streamline fundraising, and maximize their social impact.


Developing technology solutions that promote responsible resource management, reduce environmental impact, and drive eco-conscious initiatives.

Building purposeful products, always guided by our core values


We create technology designed to make a positive impact, addressing real-world challenges.


Partnership is at the heart of our product development, working closely users to create solutions that truly meet their needs.


Our products embrace cutting-edge technology to unlock new possibilities and optimize outcomes.


We design products that equip individuals, businesses, and communities with the tools for success.


Our products prioritize ethical practices, environmental sustainability, and community engagement.


We develop products that help businesses scale, individuals reach their potential, and communities thrive.

Transforming Ideas into Impact

Our product development approach blends creativity, strategic thinking, and a commitment to user-centric solutions. From initial concept to continuous iteration, we strive to create innovative products that make a lasting difference in the world.

Step 1

Ideation & Vision

We start with a spark of inspiration – an opportunity to solve a problem, address a need, or create something entirely new. Through careful evaluation, we determine the project’s viability and its potential for positive impact.

Step 2
Research & Exploration

Deep market analysis, collaborative brainstorming, and a focus on user needs shape our understanding of the product landscape. This is where we define the product’s identity, purpose, and the unique value it brings to the world.

Step 3
Prototyping & Validation

Bringing the concept to life! We create prototypes to explore functionality and gather invaluable feedback from potential users. This crucial stage helps refine the product and ensure it truly meets the needs of its intended audience.

Step 4
Team Formation & Planning

With positive user reception, we assemble a dedicated team with the expertise to take the product to the next level. A detailed roadmap is created, with clear goals, timelines, and resource allocation to ensure a smooth development process.

Step 5

Design, Development, & Creation

This stage is where the product truly takes form. Intuitive interfaces, seamless functionality, and compelling brand elements come together through collaborative efforts by our designers, developers, and marketing specialists.

Step 6

Pilot Testing & Refinement

A select group of real-world users put the product through its paces. Their feedback drives continued optimization and fine-tuning, ensuring its readiness and ability to excel under real-world conditions.

Step 7

Launch & Market Impact

The big day arrives! We strategically launch the product, making a splash with targeted marketing and promotional activities to reach the right audience and create a strong first impression.

Step 8
Growth & Continuous Improvement

Our journey doesn’t end at launch. We monitor feedback, adapt to changing markets, and embrace new technologies to continually enhance the product, ensuring its continued relevance and impact.

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